[netcdf-hdf] NetCDF4 filesize using python/windows

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I've got a question about the .nc output filesize. When I create a .nc file out 
of a .csv file, the .nc file always turns out to be much bigger in size than 
the .csv file which is not very logic. Isn't the binary file supposed to be 
smaller than the csv file? I'm talking about an increment in size of 
approximately 400%. The more variables I create in the NetCDF4 format, the 
bigger the increment in size.

Can anyone tell me if that is meant to be or how I can reduce the size? (I 
tried to use the built-in NetCDF4-compression function "zlib", but the files 
turned out to be even slightly bigger than the uncompressed ones)

I work with:

*         Windows (32bit)

*         Python 3.2 using

o   Library: numpy-1.6.1

o   Library: netcdf4-0.9.6-py3.2

I wrote the NetCDF4 programs according to this link:


Thanks a lot!

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