Re: new alpha release of netCDF-4, alpha 17

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Hi Ed,

I think there is a small (but rather important!) error on the quick install instructions web page:

When I used the configure command line as per the web page:

$ ./configure --enable-netcdf4 --with-hdf5=/usr/local --prefix=/usr/local

I noticed that my config.log contained the following:
configure:2142: checking whether netCDF-4 is to be built
configure:2150: result: no

Poking around a bit more I discovered that the command line switch should be '--enable-netcdf-4' (note dash between f & 4), not '--enable-netcdf4' as given on this web page. This is actually given correctly lower down on the page ("Without the –enable-netcdf-4 argument, ...") but I didn't spot that at first.

Changing the command line to:

$ ./configure --enable-netcdf-4 --with-hdf5=/usr/local --prefix=/usr/local

results in the the expected config.log entry:

configure:2142: checking whether netCDF-4 is to be built
configure:2150: result: yes

I wander if others have similarly mis-configured their 'netCDF-4' install? Turns out I did the same thing with alpha 16 a few weeks back but didn't notice since I wasn't actually using any netCDF-4 features (Though, I guess it explains why I didn't seem to have some netCDF-4 function protos (eg nc_def_cmp()) in my netcdf.h?)

Unfortunately I now get tests failing under 'make check' (both alpha16 & 17), but I haven't got to the bottom of that yet -- I'll dig around some more and send a proper bug report when I've got some more details. In the meantime I thought you might want to fix up the install page.


Simon Wood

Ed Hartnett wrote:
Howdy all!

I have just put a new alpha release of netCDF-4.0 on the ftp site,
alpha 17:

This release still works with HDF5 1.7.52, which can also be found on
the netCDF-4 ftp site.

NetCDF-4 should be built according to the instructions here:

Reasonably complete documentation exists for the C API at:

This alpha release fixes some bugs, particularly in the F77 and F90

It also adds the capability of controlling the endianness of netCDF-4

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Simon Wood                                  Meteorology & Remote Sensing
Scientific Programmer                                               NIWA        

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