Re: distribution issues - moving zlib into HDF5...

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Elena Pourmal <epourmal@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Ed,
> By default HDF5 tries to find zlib on the system and include it. Most
> of the systems will have zlib library installed.
> Including zlib with the source code may do more harm than good because
> users may end up with multiple versions of the zlib library.
> Let's see what other people will say.
> Elena

The best thing to do would be to include it in HDF5 as a noinst
library - that is, a library that is not installed, but is included as
a convenience library with HDF5. In this way, the user could do
nothing, and get zlib, and not even have to say "-lz" on his build

Also, version 1.2.3 of zlib seems to be old and stable, so I don't
think too many different versions are floating around.

Finally, there is a shared library issue problem. Since it doesn't use
libtool, zlib must be configured with the -s option (weird). All this
could be taken care of by the HDF5 configuration.

In the exact same way, once HDF5 includes zlib, I can have netCDF-4
include HDF5.

Ed Hartnett  -- ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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