distribution issues - moving zlib into HDF5...

Howdy all!

Recently I have been trying to create a single tarball which will
contain zlib, HDF5, and netCDF-4.

(Without such a tarball, the netCDF-4 user must first install zlib,
then install HDF5, using that zlib, and then build netCDF-4. I am
trying to do all this in one step.)

One challenge is that zlib is not built with libtools. This causes
shared library issues.

Another problem is that netCDF-4 (currently) must have a HDF5 which is
build with zlib.

Have you guys considered taking zlib into the HDF5 distribution? That
is, including it's code with HDF5, so that it does not have to be
distributed separately?


Ed Hartnett  -- ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx