Re: linking problems with HDF5 on cygwin...

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Hi Ed,

> > Probably  -lhdf5_hl should be before -lhdf5....
> >
> > Elena
> >
> Thanks Elena!
> (And thanks to James and Quincey too!)
> Yes, hdf_hl needs to be first, of course. It's obvious in
> retrospect. I've changed it and now everything works again.
> And for some reason that caused another set of neurons in my brain to
> fire and I now see that the ideal way to distribute netCDF-4 will be
> to have it contain HDF5 and build hdf5 and hdf5_hl as convenience
> libraries.
> Then users would still only have to link it with -lnetcdf and yet I
> can use the hdf5 configure without modification (except for one
> teeny-weeny change), and everything will be handled by libtool magic.

    Hmm, that's a lot easier that putting netCDF-4 inside the HDF5
distribution. :-)  I'm not certain if you want to wrap the HDF5 distribution
as much as have a "--with-hdf5=" flag in your configure script...


> James, any thoughts on that?
> Thanks!
> Ed
> -- 
> Ed Hartnett  -- ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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