Re: question about renaming a HDF5 dataset...

"Robert E. McGrath" <mcgrath@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Ed,
> Bear in mind that the "names" are on links, not on the dataset.

Yes, I do understand this.

However, if I don't use references, then I can treat the name of
objects as absolute, correct?

Let me post a more complex question.

Suppose I create a dataset called "Bob" in the root group, and then create a
reference to it called "Joe".

Then I if I use H5Gmove to rename "Bob" to "Sally", I still have a
reference named "Joe" to the original dataset.

Is that correct?

I believe that Quincey has some references in the dimscales
attributes, which are named for the dataset they point to. If I rename
the dimension scale, then I would not expect the names of the
dimensions in the DIMENSION_LIST attribute to change.

HDF5 "tst_h_dimscales.h5" {
GROUP "/" {
   GROUP "Adam" {
      GROUP "Able" {
         DATASET "Billy_goat_gruff" {
            DATATYPE  H5T_IEEE_F32LE
            DATASPACE  SIMPLE { ( 0, 0, 3 ) / ( H5S_UNLIMITED, H5S_UNLIMITED, 3 
) }
            DATA {
               DATATYPE  H5T_VLEN { H5T_REFERENCE}
               DATASPACE  SIMPLE { ( 3 ) / ( 3 ) }
               DATA {
               (0): (DATASET 3576 /Adam/Time ),
               (1): (DATASET 3848 /Adam/Smelliness ),
               (2): (DATASET 4120 /Adam/Distance )

But when I use dimension scales, I use the fileid and objid, not the
name, so netcdf won't be confused.



Ed Hartnett  -- ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx