Re: more questions about dimension scales - their size vs. the size

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"Robert E. McGrath" <mcgrath@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Yes, we made a deliberate design decision to not require dimension
> scale datasets to be the same size as the dimension.
> There are use cases where you might not want this, e.g., the
> scale values are every 5th tick mark.
> Also, it is not clear what the semantics should be if a dataset
> is extended:  what should happen to an associated dimension scale
> dataset?  What if it is shared by several datasets?
> As to the interpretation: that is entirely up to the application.
> In the case of NC4, you should define some constraints, perhaps
> as conventions.  If necessary, you could put an additional
> attribute on the scale dataset, to indicate that this should
> be interpreted according to NC4 conventions.

OK, thanks!

Ed Hartnett  -- ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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