more questions about dimension scales - their size vs. the size of

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Howdy all!

I am wondering something about dimension scales.

With dimension scales there does not seem to be any enforced
relationship between the size of a dimscale dataset, and the
dataset(s) to which it is attached.

That is, I can have a 1D dimscale of length 2, and attach it to the
dimension of a 1D dataset with length 3.

In actual use, what do we think it would mean to have dimension data
that are smaller in extent than the data to which they apply? Is there
any good way to interpret this? 

If I were writing a graphics program to plot that data, would I match
them one to one, starting at the first dimension scale value, and then
run out of dimension data? Or what?

Any comments would be useful.



Ed Hartnett  -- ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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