Re: How should netcdf4 configure, how to find hdf5, etc.

I think Elena made the point that perhaps I should not be using h5cc,
but that other users might find it useful. In other words, netCDF-4 is
not the typical HDF5 user, so perhaps you don't want to generalize any
netCDF-4 solution to the broader HDF5 community.

Let's explore the issue of not using h5cc, and see how difficult it
would be.

To compile I need -I paths (for include files), -L paths (for library
files), and the names of the libraries. Is it true that there is more
than one library involved?

I think the correct answer is "it depends on how HDF5 was configured".

It could have hdf5_hl, zlib, and szlib.  In the future there will likely
be even more options.

If and when nc4 uses the H5DS API, it will always need the hdf5_hl.