Re: HDF5 dimension scales proposal

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On 2004.11.10 10:29 John Caron wrote:

4. I think the main place where your proposal may fail to cover the general case is that you seem to require that a dimension scale is associated with a single dimension. But the general case is that it can be associated with several dimensions, eg lat(x,y). For that case, it makes more sense to associate a dimension scale with a dataspace. But then you still have to associate the dimensions of the data dataset with the dimensions of the dimension scale dataset. Giving the dimensions names and requiring their lengths to be the same would work, and would be an implementation of shared dimensions for the case of shared dimension scales.

This is not provided in the proposed design. Applications must implement
this semantics through their own conventions, I think.

It seems like you are missing a very important use case, namely lat(x,y), lon(x,y), where "lat" and "lon" are dimension scales that are each associated with the two shared dimensions "x" and "y". How would you propose to handle this in HDF5 with dimension scales?

This semantics is similar to coordinate systems.  This relationship
is up to an application or profile to define, and to define a storage

I'll turn the qurestion around:  how would you implement this without
native library support?  I assume there would be a convention for:

  * marking the dimension as being indexed by whatever x and y are
  * attributes to associate DS with x and y, and vice versa
  * code that understands this convention.

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