Re: HDF5 dimension scales proposal

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On 2004.11.06 14:58 Robert E. McGrath wrote:

5. Im unclear why, at the end of 4.5.2, you would have the object reference to the dimension scale be optional. It appears that you want to allow naming of dimensions. That I agree is a good idea, but perhaps should be seperate from whether there is a dimension scale, which should require an object reference?

I don't know any good reason why the reference would be optional.

After checking with Mike:  the idea is that a dimension is not required
to have a scale, and may have a name but no scale. In the case where the
obj. ref is null, the "name" is basically just a label.  (This is a very
important use case!).  When there is a ref. but no name, it is up to
the application to figure out what this means (perhaps the scale dataset
has the name).  When both name and ref. are empty, there is no scale for
that dimension.

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