Re: test hdf5 files

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Albert Cheng wrote:


I have some HDF5 files from a study.  They have pretty straight forward
structure but they are big--in the 100's of MB.

The files are not on line and needed to be restored from tapes.
I am on vacation till July 13th.  Can you still use them by then?


At 03:08 PM 6/28/2004, you wrote:

I need test hdf5 files for my java library. (ive already looked at the sample ones on the HDF5 site).

If anyone has examples of important real-world datasets written in HDF5, can you send me a pointer to them? Or just a URL i can find them at ?


hi albert:

i would prefer "real world" ones, that people actually write and read. if its in that category, then, yes, id love to get one. thanks.

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