Re: Options for Groups in netCDF-4

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> We thought the best thing would be to have a telecon, where we could asks 
> one another questions, get ourselves on the same page.  How do you guys 
> feel about that, maybe next week some time?
> (Next Wed-Friday, from 3-5 are available for me.)

OK, I'll tentatively plan on Friday, May 7, 2pm our time (3pm your
time), and we'll call NCSA (your office) for the teleconference.

In the mean time, though, please feel free to post questions or
comments.  We might be able to resolve some of the issues by email.

I'm at a workshop all day tomorrow, but may have time to resume the
discussion on Friday.  John Caron convinced me that the best way to
proceed here would be to express the alternatives more clearly in the
language of object models.  Then we could create a tentative netCDF-4
API assuming use of HDF5 Groups to see if any unforeseen issues arise
that will help to decide among the alternatives.


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