Re: Options for Groups in netCDF-4

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(Sorry to be late joining this discussion.  I've been at meetings all week.)

I just had a long discussion with Bob about the paper. The paper does a good job of identifying key issues, but we found ourselves a little unsure about what actual options we wanted to decide among, particularly from the user's perspective. We thought it might be good to back up a bit and clarify what applications would want to do with groups in the new netCDF. That's probably implicit in Russ's paper, but we weren't too sure how to separate the implementation issues from the issues of what capabilities one would want the user to see.

We thought the best thing would be to have a telecon, where we could asks one another questions, get ourselves on the same page. How do you guys feel about that, maybe next week some time?

(Next Wed-Friday, from 3-5 are available for me.)


At 03:07 PM 4/23/2004, Russ Rew wrote:

I've begun to think about whether we should make use of HDF5 Groups in
netCDF-4, and if so how we should make use of them.  I don't have any
recommendations yet, but here's a short discussion of some of the

This is a request for comments on the above draft.  I'm leaning
towards using HDF5 Groups, but haven't decided which of the two models
described in the above draft to recommend.


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