Re: RFC: some tasks for NCSA

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>     Interesting, I've been interested in indexing in HDF5 for a while now, but
> I wouldn't necessarily have thought it would be needed for the NC4 work.  Are
> you thinking about the "get the n'th object" calls in netCDF?

I don't think we actually need it for the NC4 work, but if you were
going to do it anyway for other requirements, then we could make use
of it for ordering netCDF objects by creation sequence rather than
alphabetically by name.  We are implementing a netCDF3/HDF5 library
without it.

In my experience, netCDF users don't actually need a "get the n'th
object" call, but just a "get the next object" in the order in which
the objects were defined/created.  And the reason for wanting to
preserve the order of creation is relatively minor, to have some
control over the order in which objects are presented in applications,
so that related objects are presented together.  For example, an
ncdump output can be easier to understand if the file creator can
specify the order things appear by using their creation order.


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