Re: RFC: some tasks for NCSA

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Hi Bob,
    Interesting, I've been interested in indexing in HDF5 for a while now, but
I wouldn't necessarily have thought it would be needed for the NC4 work.  Are
you thinking about the "get the n'th object" calls in netCDF?


> As a result of some discussion, I have a revised list of major goals 
> for NCSA.
> In the web page:
> there is one item under 'New Features for HDF5', 'Explicit support for
> coordinate variables/axes'.  Item 2 below is a refinement of that 
> bullet.
> The other 3 can be added.
> Consider these bullets a proposal, subject to discussion.  When we get
> consensus on these, we'll set some firm milestones.
>    1. Update and correct the HDF5 specification document.
>    2.  A dimension scales API sufficient to support coordinate 
> variables/axes.
>        See the proposal
>          <>
>        for an initial idea.  We need to review and gain consensus on
>        the design, and then implement it.
>    3. An index object that permits specifying an order for iterating 
> over
>     a set of objects, and perhaps also permits efficient insertion into
>     and deletion from the ordered set it indexes.
>    4.  MPI-IO enhancements to improve performance, as suggested by the
>     Northwestern/Argonne work.
> -- 
> Robert E. McGrath  (HDF Java Team Leader)
> National Center for Supercomputing Applications
> University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
> Champaign, Illinois 61820
> (217)-333-6549
> mcgrath@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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