Re: Creation order: time stamps or sequence numbers

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Hi Russ,

> >     I think supporting creation order for attributes might be a bit
> > more of a problem than for the other kinds of objects, but from
> > reading your description of the attribute number below, it doesn't
> > look like it's a real problem if the "creation order" of attributes
> > changes.  Is that so?
> Oops, I realize I didn't actually answer the question.  The netCDF
> interface (for mostly historical reasons that are hard to justify now)
> permits deleting attributes but not deleting variables or dimensions.
> So attribute numbers can change if you delete preceding attributes,
> but that doesn't change the order of remaining attributes.  The only
> way to change the attribute order would be to delete an attribute and
> then later re-add it at the end, but doing that would have to be
> intentional, so the new order is still preserved.
    Ok, I reviewed our code for attributes and we are already handling them
in a manner which preserves the creation order, so that shouldn't be a
problem.  (I did add a note to write a unit test that verifies that this
continues to be so, also :-)

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Howdy Quincey!

Is it the intention that the HDF5 type H5T_NATIVE_CHAR for ASCII
strings, H5T_NATIVE_UCHAR for unsigned byte data, and H5T_NATIVE_SCHAR
for signed byte data?

I'm suprised and very happy if so, because it would be very handy for
me to have a type for ASCII data which is different from signed char



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