Re: Creation order: time stamps or sequence numbers

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>     I think supporting creation order for attributes might be a bit
> more of a problem than for the other kinds of objects, but from
> reading your description of the attribute number below, it doesn't
> look like it's a real problem if the "creation order" of attributes
> changes.  Is that so?

Oops, I realize I didn't actually answer the question.  The netCDF
interface (for mostly historical reasons that are hard to justify now)
permits deleting attributes but not deleting variables or dimensions.
So attribute numbers can change if you delete preceding attributes,
but that doesn't change the order of remaining attributes.  The only
way to change the attribute order would be to delete an attribute and
then later re-add it at the end, but doing that would have to be
intentional, so the new order is still preserved.


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