Re: "whatever" !

Hi Tom,

Good discovery! I wish wrf also has "however" which says wrf should complete successfully however the weather is and "whatever" the configurations are.

I found these are set in the registry of official WRF distribution.

state real potevp ij dyn_em 1 - h "potevp" "whatever"
state real snopcx ij dyn_em 1 - h "snopcx" "whatever"
state real soiltb ij dyn_em 1 - h "soiltb" "whatever"

Keith wanted to verify some variables for new post processing program to work, so today after we finalize on those list, I shall verify them and remove these whatevers and will rebuild wrf.


Tom Baltzer wrote:

Hi Folks,

I want to let you know that there with the update to WRF 2.2 in the LEAD workflows, a Field called “whatever” has shown up 3 times in the 2-D variables. I find that these fields have the following variable name in the netCDF file:




I also find that they seem to have a range of 0-0 in my results so far. I'm not sure what they are (anyone?) but wanted to provide what info I've been able to find out so far.


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