Re: [ldm-users] status OK. TAMU LDM is back up


I'm still not receiving any NEXRAD data, unfortunately.

On 11/10/16 9:02 AM, Donna Cote wrote:
LDM is outgoing again from TAMU ( <> or <>).

I apologize for the (unplanned) disruption.

    On Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 5:54 PM, Donna Cote <d-cote@xxxxxxxx
    <mailto:d-cote@xxxxxxxx>> wrote:

        My apologies for waiting until now. We had one of our two
        relay LDM servers go down yesterday, at 20161108163949.158355
        UTC (20161108 1016 CST).

        Well, the second relay LDM server is not relaying LDM
        products. Not at all.

        As soon as connectivity returns I will notify everyone.

Donna Cote
Academy for Advanced Telecommunications and
   Learning Technologies
Texas A&M University

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