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We've noticed occasional oddities in generating HRRR products with NCL via Opendap to NOMADS. We generate a map showing 2m Temperatures & SLP/Radar Reflective. Most of the time it works, but occasionally, one or more parameters are either missing or misbehaving. Last week, I started an archive of products at to discern if there was a pattern as to when this might be happening, but so far, no luck; products with a file size of < 674 KB are suspect. We run our script with a 3 hour lag, which should (theoretically) be plenty of time for the model data to arrive to NOMADS.

Brendon Hoch, M.S.
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Patrick L. Francis wrote:

Last week I mentioned product delivery issues for HRRR, all day today it
has been HRRR .... as an example, here is a gempak GDINFO (for
non-gempak people... listing all variables within a grid) by forecast
hour for the most recent HRRRR:

notice how none of the file names are the same size.. and they all
should be (usually around 6.6K for F000 and 6.8K for F### and gempak
usually finds 81 grids or so :(

Does anyone happen to know how long this will continue?



Patrick L. Francis
Vice President of Research & Development

wxprofessor@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:wxprofessor@xxxxxxxxx>

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