[ldm-users] NOAAPort Product Latency

Greetings :)

I am noticing a dramatic increase in RTMA product latency of late. It has happened somewhat off and on over the years, but lately seems to be getting worse. I have two dishes running in two separate geographic locations both showing delayed product receipt... please notice this chart:


On the left is my dish in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, and on the right Eden Prarie Minnesota... Both dishes serve their own racks of servers, while also serving as backups to each other... each are showing similar RTMA receipt latencies

What made me look this morning is I received a product alert on Saturday, and the same issue was shown.. please notice:

Where 5 rtma products were received in the same hour... In looking at my notes, I see that I brought this same issue up in March of this year, but what concerns me is that RTMA is a very small product, so why the uplink issues? :o|

Especially since the ncep ftp server shows zero lag for rtma products?

Hopefully the problem is something simple, so this old man can sleep peacefully at night! :o)



Patrick L. Francis
Vice President of Research & Development


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