Re: [ldm-users] NOAAPort Product Latency

ahh, yes, that makes sense. We have both at NCAR-RAL and, according to what I've been told, the first arrival means the next receipt is ignored. So probably the LDM via upstream host got it here first.

Greg and Steve, and list.. you guys have made me do some thinking... I'm thinking that TWO errors are occurring here:

1. We can verify with two distinct dishes that the uplink of RTMA data (which is an hourly product) has issues, as has been verified in multiple sources that many hours will flow by with NO rtma uplink, that then flows in many hours later... Here, this Saturday for example shows 5 hours of RTMA data coming over the dish in one hour:

2. Something is wrong with LDM logic in that if the RTMA product was delayed through the dish, the product should have been delivered by one of the backup sources... Currently Ryan Hickman (Allison House) and I back each other up with our respective dishes, then we also have Gerry (now Donna) at tamu, and Pete in Wisconsin as secondary redundant backups... So.. IF products were received at the NCEP server on time, then at least Gerry and Donna should have received them, which means my relays should have received them from them as a backup which did not occur, or the hours of missing data would go unnoticed above...

So this means we have a failure at the uplink end, and if the data was sent from ncep to the edu source, we also have an error in LDM logic or perhaps an uplink issue there as well?

Just thinking out loud...



Patrick L. Francis
Vice President of Research & Development



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