Re: [ldm-users] LDM 6.13.2 released


As you know, I beta-tested this version. Here are some things I noticed about 

Under extreme load, it no longer crashes. A server I put it on externally to 
NIU can get loads as high as 190 for brief periods. This resulted in queue 
corruption and a crash every now and then. This was seen across LDM 6. This no 
longer is occurring.

We had some weirdness on College of DuPage’s satellite ingest servers where one 
LDM server would mysteriously crash. That hasn’t recurred as of yet.

When getting an EXP feed with multiple large products coming across, one 
product might stop suddenly writing to disk, while the others were fine. This 
was fixed.

A bad NOAAport feed due to poor reception for whatever reasons could cause the 
NOAAport ingester to crash. So far, so good.

On some servers, the NIMAGE feed would crash after a week or two if that was 
the only feed requested. That has been fixed.

Level2 radar bins would be missing. That is, you would see lines missing on a 
data plot. Not often, but it would be there. This has been fixed.

Every now and then, product queue corruptions would occur with high-bandwidth 
feeds. This has been fixed, as far as I can tell.

So, all in all, I like it and give it my seal of approval. Even better, no 
seals were harmed in the making of this software. Thanks, Steve, for this 


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Hello LDM User,

LDM 6.13.2 has just been released. It fixes a few bugs and performs better than 
the previous 6.13 versions. You can view a list of the changes at 

Here are the other URL-s you'll need:

Download Page: <>

Version-Specific Documentation: 

LDM Homepage: <>

Please send any questions to 
<support-ldm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:support-ldm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> or report 
issues via the LDM GitHub site, <>.

Steve Emmerson
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