Re: [ldm-users] Pqact FILE writes with custom removal?

Neil, while it is possible to use the EXEC argument, given the filename, to
create the rm command line statment (on that filename minus x number of
days), I don't see how this would make less removes than you are already

I would like to ask for a more io-friendly scour utility.

Texas A&M University
The Academy

On Wed, Oct 28, 2015 at 10:17 AM, Smith, Neil R <n-smith2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Scouring 10 days of online, or even nearline, NIDS and NEXRCOMP being held
> for a teaching environment is a big headache.
> Donna Cote has recently polled the community about this issue.
> At this file count, crawling thru the millions of inodes with a scheduled
> find command will not keep up with the accumulation rate.
> (sounds like the intersection of two curves, beyond which there is no
> return; would anyone care to derive that solution?)
> This leads me to wonder if one can construct a pqact entry that will do
> the FILE or STDIOFILE action on the incoming product plus remove the same
> product of the same date minus a desired day count.  Or the remove action,
> -exec, could be a separate pqact entry on the same product regular
> expression minus the day count, just so it’s done at the time of the new
> product arrival.  Is there a clever way to manipulate the syntax of
> temporal subexpression replacement described in the pqact man pages to
> generate the desired filename to remove?
> Would that even solve the problem?
> Or is there a pqact solution?  Are you just left with scripting OS
> commands (find; eg. scour)?
> -Neil
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