[ldm-users] Pqact FILE writes with custom removal?

Scouring 10 days of online, or even nearline, NIDS and NEXRCOMP being held for 
a teaching environment is a big headache.
Donna Cote has recently polled the community about this issue.  

At this file count, crawling thru the millions of inodes with a scheduled find 
command will not keep up with the accumulation rate.
(sounds like the intersection of two curves, beyond which there is no return; 
would anyone care to derive that solution?)

This leads me to wonder if one can construct a pqact entry that will do the 
FILE or STDIOFILE action on the incoming product plus remove the same product 
of the same date minus a desired day count.  Or the remove action, -exec, could 
be a separate pqact entry on the same product regular expression minus the day 
count, just so it’s done at the time of the new product arrival.  Is there a 
clever way to manipulate the syntax of temporal subexpression replacement 
described in the pqact man pages to generate the desired filename to remove?

Would that even solve the problem?

Or is there a pqact solution?  Are you just left with scripting OS commands 
(find; eg. scour)?


Neil R. Smith, Senior IT Specialist II neils@xxxxxxxx
Atmospheric Sciences, Texas A&M Univ. 979/845-6272

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