[ldm-users] Gerry Creager - LDM Whisperer


Just a reminder to all of you who have been helped with all your LDM issues throughout the years by Gerry Creager that TODAY (November 19th) is his birthday. While it may be slightly out of line to do so on the list, I wanted to tip my hat to him for all the help he has given me (and many others) through the years. Happy Birthday Gerry, Here's to MANY more years of you answering my stupid questions about the LDM issues in my world.


John Austin Basham, Senior Meteorologist / Project Director
Storm Spotter METOPS
Fort Worth, Texas 76020
Email: John -at- JohnBasham.com
Phone: 817.846.3695
Amateur Call-Sign: N5TWO
Twitter: JohnBasham
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/johnbashamweather/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JohnBasham71
Web: www.JohnBasham.com

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