[ldm-users] Change in IP# for LDM client/server cascade.atmos.albany.edu

Hi all,

Our LDM server, cascade.atmos.albany.edu, will be moving to a new subnet at 
approx. 10AM EST / 1500 UTC this coming Thursday, 11/20.

Its current IP# is
The new IP# will be

We will be setting our DNS so the IP# change should propagate quickly, but in 
case you are using the IP# instead of FQDN for cascade, please make note of the 

For those who feed from cascade, expect some interruption ... hopefully no 
longer than a couple of hours, as we migrate cascade as well as move some data 
directories that it writes to.

Thanks ...

Kevin and David Knight

Kevin Tyle, Systems Administrator
Dept. of Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences
University at Albany
Earth Science 235, 1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12222
Email: ktyle@xxxxxxxxxx<mailto:ktyle@xxxxxxxxxx>
Phone: 518-442-4578

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