[ldm-users] 20140930: Feedtype of noaaport HRRR data on IDD?

Hi Daryl, Gilbert, et. al,

I'd like to clarify some things discussed in the interaction
previously posted:

1) all Unidata-operated NOAAPort ingesters that feed into the IDD are
   running the latest LDM release, LDM-6.12.6

2) the HRRR data should be tagged as NGRID products

   We will be monitoring this to make sure that it is the case.

3) WMO is a compound feed type that is the same as the union
   of IDS|DDPLUS and HDS


   It does not include the other feeds that derive from the NOAAPort
   broadcast, NGRID, NIMAGE, NEXRAD3 or NOTHER.

4) as far as we know the HRRR data has not yet been added to the
   expanded NOAAPort broadcast

   But our understanding is that it will be very soon.

5) we have been noticing a log of re-transmission of products in
   a couple of the NOAAPort channels, nwstg and nwstg2

   If your NOAAPort ingest machine has enough memory, and if you
   are interested in trying to eliminate duplicate products, you
   should increase the size of your LDM queue.  We are moved to
   an 8 GB queue on our newest NOAAPort ingester since it has
   16 GB of RAM.

6) I am currently working on GRIB2 table additions for NOAAPort
   ingest use



On 09/30/2014 04:21 PM, Gilbert Sebenste wrote:
On Tue, 30 Sep 2014, daryl herzmann wrote:


What's is or what will be the feedtype of the HRRR data delivered by
the noaaport upgrade this evening on the IDD?  Perhaps a better first
question is if this additional channel will be delivered to the IDD?

I saw a Unisys post that it is already enabled?



UNIDATA is on LDM 6.11.7 beta for their ingester, so it should be on the
IDD. As for feed type, given the WMO headers, it *should* put it under
NGRID. To be sure, though, use "WMO" to capture it and all should be well.


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