[ldm-users] The beginning of the end of FM-12 SYNOP...

Dear all LDM users,

Transition from SYNOP in FM-12 to BUFR is really starting up:
The Met. Office U. K. has announced that the synoptic reports of U. K. will
be provided from 03 November 2014 12 UTC in BUFR Code only. The provision
of synoptic data in Traditional Alphanumeric Code TAC  (FM12) will cease
then.  By this  Met. Office U. K. follows a target of WMO. Currently we do
not know when other National Weather Services will follow Met. Office U. K.
and will cease the supply of their synoptic data in TAC format. You should
be prepared however that other NMSs may also stop dissemination of their
synoptic reports in TAC. The current status of deployment BUFR / SYNOP via
DWD can be find in the directory /gds/help/ in the file
What will happen on LDM feeds that distribute SYNOP data?

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