Re: [ldm-users] Novra Firmware Upgrade and New Frequency Procedure

On Wed, 20 Aug 2014, wxprofessor@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Here are the processes I use for the firmware upgrade and new frequency settings:

If you wish to compare the signals, note our NOAAPort Charts here:

I've tried to make fairly detailed notes, so hopefully you will find them helpful. Good luck! :)




Thanks so much for doing this! However, when I upgraded our Novra's firmware, I didn't change it in time before it reverted back to an IP of Just as a warning.

And I learned something...I didn't know that noaaportIngester had replaced
readnoaaport. I will try this tonight and see how it works. BUT...

I just got an email from Jami Casamento, the head NOAAPort engineer guru.
He sent me a corrected PID list, so heads up, everyone. According to him, this is how it should be:

Channel  PID  Multicast Address Details
NMC      101         NCEP/NWSTG
GOES     102         GOES/NESDIS
NMC2     103         NCEP/NWSTG2
NOPT     104         Optional data - OCONUS Imagery/Model
NPP      105         Nat'l. Polar-Orbiting Partnership-POLARSAT
EXP      106         Experimental
GRW      107         GOES-R Series West
GRE      108        GOES-R Series East
NWWS     201         NOAA Weather Wire Service (NWWS)

Note the changes in PID's 106, 107, 108. This changes the values you need
in your ldmd.conf!


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