[ldm-users] Novra Firmware Upgrade and New Frequency Procedure

I've been pinged by a few people asking for help on our Novra firmware upgrade and the new NOAAPort frequency settings. Since I have always saved "cheat sheets" for myself over the years when a change comes along, and since my boss just gave me permission to share (we at MLG believe in 'paying it forward'), I thought I would share the steps we used here at MLG for our first dish upgrade (we have one more yet), in case some of you may find them helpful :)

The important thing to remember when upgrading your firmware and changing frequency settings, is to save your existing configuration as XML using the CMCS utility. That way if a mistake happens, it's not a big deal, just reload the setting that you previously had, and you know works for your specific system :)

I have shared my custom XML configuration file, that is currently working with one of my dishes, so that you may compare that file to your own. Or simply modify my file, using your network specific configuration, and you are good to go :)

The entire firmware upgrade process, and setting the new frequency took will only take a minute or two using these steps. So far with our upgrade everything seems ok on the first dish anyway :) I'm going to let the system run for awhile as it is, to see if any rabid squirrels are running about, and then upgrade our second dish.

Here are the processes I use for the firmware upgrade and new frequency settings:

If you wish to compare the signals, note our NOAAPort Charts here:

the dish on the right is the one that has received the upgrade. Notice at around 5pm yesterday, the signal strength jumped up to about 80 or so, when the upgrade took place.

I've tried to make fairly detailed notes, so hopefully you will find them helpful. Good luck! :)



Patrick L. Francis
Vice President of Research & Development
Media Logic Group


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