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Thanks, Patrick! That is helpful. I really want to know how the heck Planetary Data gets 17.0 C/N off a 3.8 meter dish while everyone else is struggling to make 15, even with excellent equipment. I know he's got a 3.8 meter dish, and the LNB can't be much better than the Norsat 3120

LOL... i have the same lnb, but haven't fine tuned the dish in years since it's in Minneapolis, and I'm in Ohio :P (I have no desire to goto Minnesota, and have avoided doing so most of the time!)

One of these days I'll get around to putting up a dish here, but to improve c/n in the past I've used better cable from the lnb to the Novra than we are using now, a shorter distance from the lnb to the Novra, adding an appropriate attenuation sequence, keeping the Novra away from interference (such as setting it on top of a computer etc..) ... it's not really that hard... besides G, your dish has always been very reliable, as are you :o)

What I'm glad about is that now at least we can compare c/n to multiple sources (with hopefully more in the future) so that when things appear to go hinkie from time to time we don't need to worry as much, and can simply see if others are experiencing similar issues :o)



Patrick L. Francis
Vice President of R&D
Weather Nation
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