[ldm-users] signal charts

I have noaaport signal characteristic chart compilations
on my personal server here:


from the few sources that I know about (center table)...

Certainly there must be a few more of us charting signal
quality out there! :o)

Please let me know if you do, so I can add them... for
instance click on the carrier to noise charts, and notice
on my chart at the top, at around 4.30pm CDT there
was a small drop... now look down to the third
row where Chuck Watson's chart is located, and you
can see a similar drop... difficult to notice on the

This information is helpful to me, and I'm hoping
perhaps a few others will find it helpful too so that
we can share information, and help each other :o)



Patrick L. Francis
Vice President of R&D
Weather Nation
now Media Logic Group
W3: http://www.medialogicgroup.com/
EM: wxprofessor@xxxxxxxxx
FB: https://www.facebook.com/wxprofessor

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