Re: [ldm-users] NEXRAD3 rebroadcasts

On Mon, 26 Dec 2011, Matt Orr wrote:

Thanks Gilbert.    It's always good to know you not just going crazy :)

Hey Matt,

I already have gone crazy, so that part was easy. ;-)  ;-)

One thing that had been suggested from Unidata was to just increase the
queue size to larger so that the rebroadcast data would just get

Yes, that is definitely one way, but IMO, that's the wrong way of doing
it. More than likely, it's an older LDM gone crazy, which causes me to
shake my head. I see many sites still use the 6.6 versions. The
6.10.1 version will automatically notify you for ingest issues and data
outages, and it's stable as all get out, with faster throughput compared
to older versions I have used. It also allows large or very large queues
so this sort of thing doesn't happen...and it lets you know if your clock
has drifted out of tolerance. And it's free, too. :-)

I thnk I will give that a try or looks like it will be up to some PQACT

I have been busy due to the Christmas holiday, but if you see that happen before I do, I'll call NCF and have them open up a ticket. The last time that happened, it took them a week or two to find the offending machine,
but they did fix it.

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