Re: [ldm-users] NEXRAD3 rebroadcasts

Thanks Gilbert.    It's always good to know you not just going crazy :)

One thing that had been suggested from Unidata was to just increase the queue 
size to larger so that the rebroadcast data would just get rejected.

I thnk I will give that a try or looks like it will be up to some PQACT magic.


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On Thu, 22 Dec 2011, Matt Orr wrote:

> Is anyone else seeing a constant stream of rebroadcast Nids data today? We 
> are seeing products that are up to several days old:
> Dec 22 23:05:16 pqutil INFO: 13563 20111222230515.826 NEXRAD3 438 SDUS21 KBTV 
> 222137 /pN3UTYX
> Dec 22 23:05:16 pqutil INFO: 2299 20111222230515.826 NEXRAD3 440 SDUS34 KEWX 
> 222035 /pN1PDFX
> Dec 22 23:05:16 pqutil INFO: 4013 20111222230515.827 NEXRAD3 441 SDUS34 KEWX 
> 222035 /pN3SDFX
> Dec 22 23:05:16 pqutil INFO: 8974 20111222230515.836 NEXRAD3 990 SDUS53 KTOP 
> 222038 /pNCRTWX
> Dec 22 23:05:16 pqutil INFO: 7760 20111222230515.837 NEXRAD3 991 SDUS26 KSGX 
> 222040 /pN1QNKX
> Dec 22 23:05:16 pqutil INFO: 19229 20111222230515.850 NEXRAD3 454 SDUS57 PAJK 
> 222300 /pNCRACG

Hi Matt,

I saw that, and it seems like they fixed it late yesterday. Every now and
then, one of their regional LDM servers freaks out. (Note to UNIDATA:
maybe you could make a subtle hint to NWS to update their LDM's
to 6.10.2, whenever that next release comes out?)

> Is there a good way to tell LDM to ignore these? I tried a -m switch, but it 
> does not seem to be doing any good.

No, not really. The problem comes from the fact that the time stamp is
current on the header. The time within the product is not. The real
issue is to fix it at the source. And it looks like they did.

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