[ldm-users] pqact.conf gfs grib2 question

Hi, I'm trying to file the global gfs grids as grib(2) files. I think this is "gfs11". I can't seem to get a proper pattern for the global grid.

I'm successfully filing the conus data using the following entry:

   HDS     ^[YZ].[AIJQHG]... KWB. ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9]).*/mGFS
            FILE       data/grib/gfs211/(\1:yyyy)(\1:mm)\1\2_gfs211.grb

I was hoping someone might be able to give me a working pattern or point me to some documentation on the headers for this product. I feel like I'm missing something obvious here. Thanks.

Mark Tucker
Systems Administrator
Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences
Lyndon State College

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