Re: [ldm-users] LDM 6.10.0 released

On Tue, 18 Oct 2011, Steve Emmerson wrote:

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Version 6.10.0 of the LDM package has just been released. An excerpt
of the CHANGE_LOG detailing differences from the previous release
(6.9.8) is attached.

Two very minor quirks:

it says "no such file or directory" on a few servers as you do an ldmadmin pqactcheck, but doesn't seem to cause any problems as it finds the pqact files just fine

The NOAAport software merger works well, although it gave me an error that it couldn't find my non-existant pqact.conf file. Didn't do that before. Did an ldmadmin wwatch, data is pouring in, so I assume all is well.

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