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Version 6.10.0 of the LDM package has just been released. An excerpt
of the CHANGE_LOG detailing differences from the previous release
(6.9.8) is attached.
More information can be found at the LDM homepage,

As always, support is just an email away at

Steve Emmerson
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6.10.0  2011-10-18 11:01:05-06:00
        Merged the NOAAPORT package into the LDM package.

        Corrected a bug in the deprecated readnoaaport(1) and dvbs_ingest(1)
        programs that caused an abort if the logging level was DEBUG due to the
        shared memory FIFO being already locked.

        Improved noaaport/gempak error messages -- in particular, added
        information to messages about missing tables and parameters.

        Merged the GRIBINSERT package into the LDM package. This subpackage
        converts GRIB messages in files into LDM data-products and inserts them
        into the LDM product-queue.

        Improved GRIB2 tables:
            Updated tables.

            Made installation rule create links instead of install duplicate

            Moved site-specific stuff from "g2varswmo.tbl" to "g2varsncep.tbl".

        Improved log messages:
            The PID and command-string of every child process is logged at
            level ERROR if its parent pqact(1) process deletes the reference to
            the child process due to an error in an interaction with it.

            The PID and command-string of every child process created due to a
            PIPE entry and whose reference is deleted in order to create
            another pipe is logged at level INFO.

        Changed when product-queue metrics are reset by ldmadmin(1) and added
        queue metrics resetting to "ldmadmin start". The metrics are no longer
        reset if the reconciliation-mode is "do nothing".

        Improved the command "vetqueuesize" (and, consequently, the command
        "check"). The capacity of the product-queue will not be vetted until
        the LDM server has been running for at least `regutil
        /server/max-latency` seconds. This will prevent a misdiagnosis of the
        queue capacity when an initially empty queue is being rapidly filled at
        LDM startup.

        Improved "plotmetrics" command:
            Ported most of the command to SunOS. Getting the number of LDM
            connections is still problematical, however, because the output of
            SunOS's netstat(1) differs radically from Linux's netstat(1).

            Made the plotMetrics(1) script more portable by replacing
            arithmetic expansion with use of expr(1).

            Changed the title of an "ldmadmin plotmetrics" plot to "Amount of
            Data in Queue vs. time".

        Improved "ldmadmin newmetrics" example: corrected minute and hour
        fields and changed interval to weekly.

        Corrected spelling of "reconciliation"

        Documented "mvrtSize" & "mvrtSlots" in output.

        Improved error-message when queue is too big.

        Improved installation documentation.

        Made tarfile reference version-independent.

        Modified README: removed RELEASE_NOTES section and modified SUPPORT

        Fixed error-logging when LDMHOME isn't set

        Many changes related to porting to different platforms.

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