Re: [ldm-users] ldmd.log written by root

Thanks Eric you triggered a memory..
I added the edits to the syslog.conf instead of letting the installer do it
as soon as I edited the syslog.conf
from /usr/local/ldm/logs
to /usr/local/ldm/var/logs

(matching what is in the registry)
and bang .. the logs are now written by LDM


----- Original Message ----- From: "Eric M. Hudish" <eric.hudish@xxxxxxxxx>

Did you remove the logs at this point? Again...ldm won't be allowed to
remove root owned files.

If you have an rc.local entry make sure it has:

/bin/su - ldm

preceding any command, or it will be run by root. I've had that issue
with auto starts when a host is rebooted. That might be the originating
source of the issue...maybe. Stuff like that can be frustrating.

Also of relevance - from syslog itself:
Log files MUST exist prior to the start of syslogd.

I don't recall seeing this behavior before, but a poke around a newer
host I setup recently I see some noaaport logs with root:ldm
permissions...which is wrong. It's not receiving noaaport data, so
they're empty but it's a curious issue. My main logs (ldmd.log and
metrics.txt ) are just fine however. Seems like there's a quirk somewhere.

I'm willing to bet the nuance is the newest ldm (6.9.x) adding the var/
directory...Is ~ldm/logs a directory or symbolic link to ~ldm/var/logs ?

Hope something there helps.

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