Re: [ldm-users] ldmd.log written by root

On 07/20/2011 04:13 PM, Jeff Lake wrote:
> as the subject says ..
> new LDM install on new server..
> just noticed today the logs are being written by root
> [ldm@server1 ~]$ ls -la logs
> total 12
> drwxrwxr-x 2 ldm  ldm  4096 Jul 20 19:55 .
> drwxr-xr-x 7 ldm  ldm  4096 Jul 20 19:54 ..
> -rw------- 1 root root 1798 Jul 20 19:59 ldmd.log
> also noted sending the 'newlog' command to ldmadmin
> a new log is NOT started ..
> double checked ldm is running as ldm

That's expected...ldm won't be allowed to overwrite the logs.

> I even stopped ldm, re-downloaded, re-installed,
> and still logs are written by root

Did you remove the logs at this point? Again...ldm won't be allowed to
remove root owned files.

If you have an rc.local entry make sure it has:

/bin/su - ldm

preceding any command, or it will be run by root. I've had that issue
with auto starts when a host is rebooted. That might be the originating
source of the issue...maybe. Stuff like that can be frustrating.

Also of relevance - from syslog itself:
Log files MUST exist prior to the start of syslogd.

I don't recall seeing this behavior before, but a poke around a newer
host I setup recently I see some noaaport logs with root:ldm
permissions...which is wrong. It's not receiving noaaport data, so
they're empty but it's a curious issue. My main logs (ldmd.log and
metrics.txt ) are just fine however. Seems like there's a quirk somewhere.

I'm willing to bet the nuance is the newest ldm (6.9.x) adding the var/
directory...Is ~ldm/logs a directory or symbolic link to ~ldm/var/logs ?

Hope something there helps.

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