Re: [ldm-users] Bug in Novra S-300 receiver, and a request

Gilbert Sebenste wrote:
In any case, for those of you running S-300s, could any of you do me
favor? I am still getting a ton of dropped packets with a carrier to noise
above 14 and a signal level of -44 dBm. I'd like to know if anyone is
seeing the same thing

I've got my satellite connected to a splitter (leftover from my old EF Data receivers, remember those?!). One coax cable is going to my S75 for operational purposes and another going to the S300 for testing on the 1154 mhz test frequency. My signal level has been a conistent -51 to -52 dBm. Carrier to noise started at 13.0 dB yesterday afternoon when I hooked it up and was 11.4 dB a few moments ago. I'm waiting for a thumbs up from NWS before connecting the S300 to my noaaport system, but I did a quick swap and ldmadmin watch indicated products continued to pour in from the S300.

Hope this helps,

Brendon Hoch
Technology Manager
Judd Gregg Meteorology Institute
MSC 48, Boyd Hall 321A
Plymouth State University
Plymouth, NH 03264
(603)535-2818 Fax: (603)535-2723

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