Re: [ldm-users] Bug in Novra S-300 receiver, and a request

On Sat, 23 Apr 2011, Gilbert Sebenste wrote:

Jose Nieves and I have been able to reproduce a bug where if the NOAAPort
broadcast goes down for a significant amount of time (say 30 minutes), the
Novra S-300 locks up and needs a hard reboot (unplug) to get it working in
DVB-S2 mode. I have not tried to check this with the unit in DVB-S
receive mode. More specifically, if you tune the receiver to a
non-functioning frequency while in DVB-S2 mode, the S-300 will eventually
lock up.

Just an FYI.

I forgot to mention...I notified Novra's engineers, and they got
back to me today (Saturday) saying they will look into it.
Also, it appears as though it doesn't completely become unresponsive, but can take over a minute to access it with constant, repeated tries
Obviously, that's not good.

In any case, for those of you running S-300s, could any of you do me favor? I am still getting a ton of dropped packets with a carrier to noise
above 14 and a signal level of -44 dBm. I'd like to know if anyone is
seeing the same thing. At least one entity is getting very good reception
since the DVB-S2 broadcast moved to 1154.150 MHZ.

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