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Hi Linda,

The date on the presentation is March 11, 2010, this seems like old information to me. Isn't there newer information?


On Fri, 11 Feb 2011, Linda Miller wrote:

Hello CONDUIT users:

Apologies if you receive duplicate emails, but it is important for you to check out the latest entry on the CONDUIT web site.

If you are enjoying the benefits of CONDUIT, please review the additional NCEP products available for distribution through CONDUIT. After your review, please tell us what products are of interest to you.

During the Unidata Users Committee October 2010 meeting, the following action item was taken:

Action 4: Becky Cosgrove will provide the product descriptions, what’s
available and will include URLs for information and sample products for
consideration for the CONDUIT feed.

* UPC will send a note to the community; provide model descriptions,
types available, ask what the community wants...and what they can give up
to make room for additional products

Becky Cosgrove is our NOAA/NCEP contact for CONDUIT and is attending all Users Committee meetings as an NCEP representative.

Please send email to support-conduit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with your suggestions. After the information is compiled and analyzed, the next step is to figure out what should be added and what can be removed. We will send results and provide an update on the decision.

We hope that this service provides you with the latest data that is not available via NOAAPORT, and that you find it useful for your teaching and research needs.


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