[ldm-users] Offering backup ALLOW entries for IDS|DDPLUS and WMO

Howdy and Merry Christmas.

Our server in Florida is not heavily taxed at the moment in terms of
resources or bandwidth, and we'd be happy to grant some backup ALLOW entries
for anyone who depends on or would like the WMO or IDS|DDPLUS services.
Likewise, I'd be more than happy to add similar entries for anyone just
getting their LDM server(s) up and running.

You can trace to the server in question to see if it would be any good for
you: (located inside AS 29802).  The canonical name is

We'd be thrilled to help the community stay connected.  Merry Christmas!


Blair Trosper
Weather Data (wxdata.us)
(281) 804-3892 * Net Ops

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