Re: [ldm-users] Possible UW Madison idd outage, Thursday June 25-Friday June 26 is available without significant restrictions for all .edu requests. We can certainly provide ackup service during this outage.

Feel free to comtact me off-list with requests. I'm WRF'ing in Boulder this week but should be able to handle these from an administrative standpoint.


Pete Pokrandt wrote:

We have a power outage scheduled for 1AM - 5AM CDT Friday June 26 (0600 UTC through 1000 UTC Friday) to replace a chilled water pump. Supposedly this is the circuit that runs A/C, lights and elevators and not the general building power, but they said the general building power may go off also.

I plan to power my non-essential equipment off before I leave on Thursday and power back on early on Friday morning. I'll probably leave my data server running ( but if the power goes out, it will go down.

Not sure if this will affect data feeds originating from also; I haven't heard what their plan is.



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