[ldm-users] Possible UW Madison idd outage, Thursday June 25-Friday June 26


We have a power outage scheduled for 1AM - 5AM CDT Friday June 26 (0600 UTC through 1000 UTC Friday) to replace a chilled water pump. Supposedly this is the circuit that runs A/C, lights and elevators and not the general building power, but they said the general building power may go off also.

I plan to power my non-essential equipment off before I leave on Thursday and power back on early on Friday morning. I'll probably leave my data server running (idd.aos.wisc.edu) but if the power goes out, it will go down.

Not sure if this will affect data feeds originating from ssec.wisc.edu also; I haven't heard what their plan is.



Pete Pokrandt - Systems Programmer
UW-Madison Dept of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
608-262-3086  - poker@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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