[ldm-users] 20090620: EXECing GrADS

Hi Jeff,

>good Saturday Evening..
>I have begun the task of making my own model maps from the HDS data
>I am using Grads to do this here is the LDM pqact.conf I am using to
>combine all the individual grib files into one
>HDS[tab] ^[Y-Z].W... .... (..)(....).*/mRUC.*F([0-9][0-9][0-9])\/[A-Z]+\/.*$
>and it works great

This is good to hear :-).

>.. no the question is
>I thought of adding the EXEC line for LDM to triggeer Grads to make the maps
>(LDM does do it for some other stuff Im creating)
>but here is the question..
>will LDM fire off Grads for each and every file?

If you attempt to run GrADS with an EXEC, then the answer would be yes.

>or is there a way I can tell LDM to do it after all the files have been 
>combined ??

The question back to you (given my _very_ limited knowledge about
GrADS) is if GrADS has the ability to read data files from STDIN and if
that invocation could stay running while waiting for additional data.
If yes, it is possible that you could PIPE the products to a GrADS
invocation that would persist.  This is, in fact, how the GEMPAK
'dcgrib2' decoder works:  GRIB messages get PIPEd to it and it creates
"decoded" output files, and the 'dcgrib2' decoder instance continues
to run.

The other question to you is if you have some way of knowing that _all_
of the model output for a particular run has been received.  If yes,
then you could trigger your GrADS run(s) immediately after the last
product from a run is received and work on the concatenated file that
you would have created with the actoin above.


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