[ldm-users] Query...

good Saturday Evening..

I have begun the task of making my own model maps from the HDS data
I am using Grads to do this here is the LDM pqact.conf I am using to
combine all the individual grib files into one

HDS[tab] ^[Y-Z].W... .... (..)(....).*/mRUC.*F([0-9][0-9][0-9])\/[A-Z]+\/.*$

and it works great .. no the question is
I thought of adding the EXEC line for LDM to triggeer Grads to make the maps
(LDM does do it for some other stuff Im creating)
but here is the question..
will LDM fire off Grads for each and every file?
or is there a way I can tell LDM to do it after all the files have been 
combined ??


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