[ldm-users] 20090416: NOAAport down

Hi Dan, Gilbert, et. al.,

re: NOAAPort outage

Dan Vietor wrote:
>We received no data for about 40 minutes.  We're getting data now
>(started about 1920Z) but its very noisy.   The BER is in the 10e-3

I have noticed on a number of occasions that our Novra S75 needs to be
reset after an outage or noise incident.  When I saw that we were once
again ingesting the NOAAPort broadcast, I logged onto one of our
ingesters (Solaris 10 x86) and ran S75_TEST.  Our indicated viterbi Bit
Error Rate was on the order of 10e-2 until I reset the device.  After
the reset, it has been hovering between 10e-5 and 10e-4.


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